Hexagons Galore!

Hexagon Socks Sometimes I’ll get a project that just seems to take forever .. but they can finish!

I started these socks over a year ago, by taking a class from Kirsten Hall at Purlescense Yarns in Sunnyvale, CA. The class was great and I left all stoked to keep going!  I’m glad that I was finally able to make the socks 🙂

The socks are comfortable, but I’m concerned about the longevity of the fabric due to the size of needles that I used.  If I ever make these socks again, I think I’ll use smaller size needles (I used 2.75mm needles), and adjust the number and size of the hexes to accomodate.  The pattern does include instructions to make the hexes bigger and smaller, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Hexagon SocksThe pattern is really well written, with lots of photos to show you how to put the hexes together.  I only did 2 rows of hexes for the legs as I like shorter socks.  I used approximately 100g of yarn, so you might have trouble getting the full socks made if you have a standard 100g hank of sock yarn.

If you have a desire to try out some fun and funky socks … this could be the pattern for you!

Pattern info:
 by Kirsten Hall
 from Think Outside the Sox

Yarn info:
Paca-Peds H-T
by The Alpaca Yarn Co.
Fingering / 4 ply
65% Wool, 20% Alpaca, 15% Nylon

2 thoughts on “Hexagons Galore!

  1. I’m trying to make the hexagon socks on 2 circulars. Does anyone know if there are directions for circulars?

    • I ended up making my hexagons with the magic loop. You can try putting three sides on one needle, and 3 sides on the other. That’s (roughly) what I did for the magic loop. I hope that helps!

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