Socks on Short needles

2016-11-06-08-02-24I recently have been interested in knitting socks on 9″ needles – one at a time in the round – due to comments on various podcasts.  So I purchased a pair of 9″ Hiya Hiya Sharps and am testing them out. For comparison, I normally knit socks two-at-a-time using magic loop on a 32″ or larger circular needle.

The needles feel so tiny! They’re just a couple of inches long and it’s a bit tricky to feel comfortable using them. I do like the idea that we just keep going round and round and not having to stop at the edges of the top and bottom of the socks.

It took about an inch of sock for me to start to feel comfortable with these tiny needles. You can see from the photo how small the needles are!  I have to use fewer fingers than I normally do.  I’m a little concerned about doing long term knitting with them and if they’ll tire out my hands, but so far it’s working out just fine and the socks are smoking along!

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