Crochet Sock Reviews

img_0629-copy_medium2NOTE that I’m a US crocheter, so the stitches mentioned are using US terminology.

Recently, Andi from Andre Sue Knits podcast mentioned that she was interested in exploring Crochet Socks.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen some crochet socks that I’ve done.  The socks photographed here are a design that I made up – as are a number of the crochet socks that I’ve made.  I still wear most of my crochet socks and have darned them when needed. When I’m looking for warm socks, I love my crochet socks!

Crochet socks have different challenges in their construction.  Crochet stitches, for example, tend to be more textural (aka bumpy) than knit stitches – and the fabric stretches in different directions. In addition, crochet fabric is traditionally thicker than knit fabric with the same yarn – so they don’t work well in tight shoes.

I don’t have particularly sensitive feet, so the bumps on the soles don’t bother me.  If you are the kind of person who feels the purl bumps in knit socks, then I’d suggest that you only try the slip stitch style of crochet socks shown above.

For me, I like the slip stitch or extended single crochet stitches on the sole of the sock, with some kind of lace on the leg and top of the foot to help with sideways stretch.  I’ve tried a few different heels, and I find that so far that the the heel flap style works the best for me.  You can see an example on the Ultimate Crocheted Socks by Dorothy Hardy.

I haven’t made crochet socks in a while – I’ve been distracted with knitting socks, but thanks to Andi’s mention of crochet socks I think I’m going to try another pair again – and see how my improved understanding of sock construction, including heel construction, helps.

If you’re interested in creating your own crochet socks, I’ve created a bundle of my crochet socks and other interesting patterns to try on Ravelry.

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