Madness in Socks

Dropping Madness

If you’re an avid sock knitter like myself, you may have heard about Sock Madness over on Ravelry. This year, one of my friends convinced me to sign up for the crazy event.

Sock Madness is a friendly competition where sock knitters (new and experienced) compete to be the fastest sock knitter. Designers make new patterns for this event, and you get to see some fun new techniques and approaches to knitting socks. Knitters are divided up into teams based on the speed at which they complete the qualifying socks.  If a knitter has signed up for the Madness but only completes one sock, or two socks to the heel, then they can be on the Cheerleader team!  Cheerleaders get all the sock patterns but aren’t competing with each other.  The rest of the teams compete with each other to advance to the next round.  Every round the slowest knitters are dropped from the competition – but they still get all the patterns.

Twisted Madness

This year, I entered, made the full pair of socks for the qualifying round and was assigned to a team!  It was fun to knit along with all those other individuals. We even had some in-person meetups for knitters in the area!  I did not, however, advance to the second round .. but I’m still very happy with the fact that I made 3 pairs of socks in 6 weeks!! That was so much faster than I’ve knit socks before.  All of the patterns are cool too, and I’ve learned a lot so far – a new method of color-work, new heels, new toes, a new way to transition from ribbed cuffs to stockinette legs, and some new increases.

Invitation to the Dance

I’m having a blast watching everyone else finish these complex socks and knitting along (although much slower) with them – it’s great!

If you’re a sock knitter and want to learn new stuff and stretch your knitting skills … mark your calendar for February 2018 and sign up for Sock Madness!
(pictures are all mine, of the socks that I’ve knit so far for Sock Madness)

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