Podcasts to keep you company

300px-Podcast-iconOver the years, I’ve become a fan of podcasts. I started out listening to audio casts, and recently I’ve become enamored of video podcasts!
With all of the travel and waiting that I experience in the holidays, I love having my podcasts to watch and listen to.
Here are some of my favorites:
Audio podcasts
Knitmore Girls – a mother-daughter pair share their crafty lives with us. The give book reviews, outline new techniques and talk about knitting, spinning and sewing.
A Playful Day – Join Kate as she talks about creativity and creation with us. This podcast covers a wide range of really interesting topics through a series of interviews and conversations.
Video podcasts
The Knitting Broomstick – Jilly is a lot of fun as she shares her crafting life and acquisitions with us
Andre Sue Knits – Andi is a yarn dyer and podcaster. She talks about all different kinds of things from knitting to crochet to spinning to machine knitting.
Love.Sock.Wool – Sara is a lot of fun and a big fan of socks!
The Yarn Hoarder – One of the newer podcasts that I watch. Her laugh is wonderful and she seems to have so much fun with her crafting. Every episode includes an educational section where she focuses on a craft or technique.
Do you listen to or watch any podcasts?
Image from Wikipedia user Yagraph

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