A New Hobby: English Paper Piecing

I have a new hobby! Yes, folks now know me well will be shaking their heads ’cause I really don’t NEED another hobby. But, I love making, and finding new ways to make things!

The ladies on “The Knit Girllls” will often talk about quilting, and I thought it would be interesting to explore.  So …. I came across English Paper Piecing. It’s a method of quilting that uses up small bits of fabric (which I have saved from other projects) and involves a lot of hand sewing.  I love hand sewing – it’s very zen for me.  I love hand sewing so much that I’ve made a dress for myself that was sewn all by hand – and I’m considering making another.

But back to English Paper Piecing. Basically, you make paper/cardstock templates and use them to form your shapes by basting the fabric around the template, then stitch the shapes together.  I learned a lot from Mister Domestic and his YouTube channel

So far I’ve made one little sewing pouch. The quilt-top fabric was hand sewn and then it was machine quilted and sewn together. It contains scissors, needles, a bobbin of thread and a needle threader. I’m also working on a second one because I cut up too many squares 😀  The color in the image of the finished pouch is a little off .. the others are better.

Check out the fun things that the quilters of Instagram have been making with #epp.

It’s fun, and relaxing .. and might turn into presents .. who knows.

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