It’s All For Virtual Points

Cheviot Handspun

Some of my Handspun yarn modeled by Pooh

There have been many times when I found it difficult to motivate myself to craft. What was I going to make? Who would want it? Who would care? Ravelry helped as I had the opportunity to see what other people were making. Podcasts – audio and video – help as I get to learn what other people were doing and hear them get excited about it. But still I would end up with times when I didn’t have any idea what to make.

Now .. that happens a lot less often.  I have found the fandom competition groups on Ravelry.  I admit, making numbers go up can be a strong motivator, and I am a bit of a geek for organizing things (and fandoms). In all of these groups, prompts are given with ideas for crafting and we earn points for completing a craft that works for the prompt. The prompts are oven incredibly flexible – for instance one recent prompt was to create something yellow or representing a duck – so that you have a lot of range in options. But there are prompts, and ideas. Because Ravelry is such an easy place to chat and socialize, there’s also great groups of folks who are urging you on, suggesting ideas and helping you out when you get stuck.

Having people around and having a reason to create is really motivating.  It doesn’t matter if the people are only online and the points are all for nothing, we still have folks supporting each other and the numbers keep going up!

In case you are also yarn-crafters who are fans of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, I invite you to join us on Ravelry at Hogwarts at Ravelry, HP Kitting/Crochet House Cup, or the Lord of the Rings groups. You’ll find friends and support for all sorts of needle- and yarn-crafting!

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