I’ve been on a sock making kick lately. Hand made socks are so comfy! I like both crochet and knit socks. The crochet socks are often a little thicker, but are also more squishy! Knit socks are thinner and smoother.

The multicolored socks at the top photo are made with left over yarn from socks that I made for my Father. They are a simple pattern that I made up using a basic toe-up formula.

My new green crochet socks are the Witchy Woman from “More crochet socks”. I love the lace pattern! I ended up making a sideways crochet ribbed cuff instead of the simple flat cuff that is in the pattern.

I’m so inspired by all these great sock patterns that I’m thinking about publishing a few of my own! Maybe one day 🙂


Tax Day Socks

Tax Day Socks
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My very first set of knitted socks! It took me a lot longer than I thought to create, but I’m really happy with them. Very comfy and nice to walk in!

Created from Chrissy Garner’s “Toe Up Socks” book. I love this book! Great discussions on how to make socks.

Holiday Crafting Pics & more

This year, like every year, I crafted my way through many of my gifts.  it’s not always possible to make gifts for everyone … but I do try.  I like the touch of handmade, and the items are created specially for each person.  So here’s some of this year’s goodies.

Dishcloth-3-1209A Crocheted scarf made from one skein of 100% sugar cane fiber yarn.  It’s super soft and silky and not too heavy for my warm weather family. The scarf pattern came from Craftsters

Then a knitted dishcloth as we’re all trying to become more “green”
HoboBag1A Soap Tree, idea from Martha Stuart!   Made of glycerin soap in different colors and stacked to make a pretty and useful tree.

Victorian-Santa-HatAnd then there’s the bag .. a copy of a Nordstrom’s bag with a hand braided handle in Chocolate and Turquoise.

Of course, since my family celebrates Christmas, we need Santa hats!


And then the remainder of the soap from the trees got swirled into these very cool marbled soap bars using a technique I got from Brambleberry’s Soap Queen TV

I had a great time making everything, and I hope that everyone who got goodies enjoyed them!