The Cerri Shawl

cerrishawl1_mediumPresenting my newest shawl … the Cerri Shawl!

The pattern is the Dreambird shawl and renamed for the Welsh goddess Cerridwen because she turns into a bird in one of the myths about her.  Due to lack of yardage, I did the scarf with with a lot less feathers (11 as opposed to the 22 the pattern has)! Started in 2014, this shawl has taken me most of 3 years to make!! It really didn’t take that long to knit, but I kept getting distracted from it.

The yarn is 100% handspun made of fiber from The Painted Tiger. The yarn really reflects how my spinning has changed over the years! It’s somewhat thick and thin, but I like how it worked up overall.

I learned so much making this shawl .. including the fact that focusing really helps with completing WIPs! No surprise there I’m sure 🙂 The first part of the shawl used the same short row technique from the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and then the later couple of feathers used the German Short Row techniques.  Both short row techniques have their advantages, but I was knitting on needles that would normally be a bit large for the yarn and I didn’t manage to minimize all the holes.

Still … I’m happy with it.